Mimulus in the classroom

As many of you are well aware, Mimulus is terrific not only for research, but also for education. Many of us have already been using Mimulus in our classrooms — now is our chance to organize and expand these efforts! At the meeting, we plan to present an overview of folks’ current Mimulus educational tools and discuss future coordination and resource sharing. We are also bringing in an education expert (and collaborator of mine), Erin Dolan, to help us further develop and disseminate our Mimulus research exercises. To focus our discussion at the Mimulus meeting, we’re hoping to gather some information from you all now.

Please respond to the questions below in an email to Lila and me: lila.fishman@mso.umt.edu, sweigart@uga.edu.

  • Have you used Mimulus in the classroom?
  • If so, what was the course format (e.g., laboratory, lecture, seminar)? Was this an undergraduate course? What level? Describe your activity.
  • What species/lines did you use?
  • What resources would you like to see developed for educational purposes (e.g., inbred lines, RILs, markers, genome sequencing, etc.)?
  • Please attach any materials you can to this email and let us know if you are willing to share them with the Mimulus community.

We need your answers by June 11. Thanks and looking forward to seeing you all!!!

Andrea and Lila


One thought on “Mimulus in the classroom

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