email questions to  mimulus2014_at_gmail_DOT_com

Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: While there is no formal fee, we would appreciate a donation of ~ $30 to cover the costs of food / drink / etc…

Q: Where can I park? And how can I get to the meeting from there?
A: For a fee: Park ot the Braynt center parking Deck. Cost is $12/day. For free: Park on 9th street for free (Harris Teeter parking lot) there are buses that go from East Campus or NESCent to west campus where we are meeting. You can use http://tripplanner.gotriangle.org/tripplanner/ to find out where and
when to be at the stop to catch buses.

Q: I would like to coordinate a shared ride and/or hotel room.
A: we have added a new tab [‘transportation and accommodations‘] in the google doc for us to help one another

Q: I can’t make it but would like to participate in some way, what can I do?
A: Send your thoughts about organizing the Mimulus website, your ideas for educational outreach, citizen science, and information about the awesome public resource you’re developing to. Arrange for a friend to take good notes [if there is enough demand, we can try to keep minutes]

Q: Where should I stay?
A: The Hilton Garden Inn is nice, near NESCENT, and can provide a shuttle to campus. The  Millennium is closer to Duke’s west campus. We encourage you to contact other participants to keep your costs down!



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