Update — Mimulus meeting in Durham NC June 19th – 20th

Hello all Mimulus aficionados.

M.guttatus.closeup.edit (1)

Our meeting is rapidly approaching, and a formal schedule is currently in the works. We will begin on the morning of the June 19th on Duke’s campus.

Before you read below make sure to

1) Inform us about your attendance via our google doc. If you have received this message directly as an email and cannot attend, please indicate this on the google doc.

2) Tell us about yourself. Fill out the questionnaire and send it to mimulus2014_at_gmail_DOT_com

3) Let us know if you have resources to contribute to the Mimulus community (e.g. linkage maps, population resequencing data, markers, Mimulus focussed lesson plans or teaching resources, reference genomes, environmental data, phenotypic data etc). This will be useful in our discussion of updating the Mimulus website to best serve the community.  email us at   mimulus2014_at_gmail_DOT_com

The first morning will include introductions, short talks [thank you all for your lightning talk titles, we will inform you if you are speaking], and preliminary discussions about coordinating research and building community resources. We will end the night with a reception.

We will continue these discussions, which include development of an updated website, a discussion about ongoing genome assembly and reseqeuencing projects, a discussion of taxonomy, the development of educational and outreach activities focussed around the biology of the group, and discussion about how the community can incorporate numerous computational and methodological advances to further strengthen Mimulus research, on the 20th. We will conclude with enough time to take the evolution meeting by storm!!!

While we will continue updating you all occasionally via email, check mimulus2014.wordpress.com for ongoing updates.
Also, feel free to email us with questions. Questions which come up more than once, will likely be addressed on the FAQ page of the website

the organizers