Thursday June 19th

person title
Ben Blackman Shifting thresholds: the evolution of photoperiodic flowering in annual M. guttatus
Violeta Simon-Porcar / Pauline Pantoja Mimulus in Scotland / Phenotypic trade-off between sexual and asexual reproduction in introducted Mimulus guttatus
Katie Greenham  Natural variation in the circadian clock in Mimulus.
Carrie Wu Baby, it’s cold outside! (for M. tilingii)


person title
Lila Fishman Education intro (facilitated discussion)
Julie Noor Speciation lab for up to 500 undergrads: Mimulus lewisii and M. cardinalis
Erin Dolan How do we know it works? From objectives to assessments.
Andrea Sweigart Education wrap-up (facilitated discussion)


person title
Yaowu Yuan Why is Mimulus lewisii so important
Megan Peterson A UV nectar guide polymorphism associated with life history drives floral constancy in Mimulus guttatus
Chris Muir Ecophysiology and local adaptation in Mimulus cardinalis
Kermit Ritland Phylogenetic mapping of QTLs in three species of Mimulus, plus update on how to manage 1 terabyte of next gen RNAseq data on a laptop.
Break we’ll probably need it
Liza Holeski Herbivory defense in M. guttatus
John Paul Range-wide population genetic structure of Mimulus cardinalis
Kelly Carscadden Range size in Mimulus: exploring variation in niche breadth


3:15-5:00 — Genomics talks

person title
Josh Puzey / John Willis Mimulus genomics
Alex Twyford Using genotyping by sequencing to resolve the intraspecific phylogeny of Mimulus guttatus
Findley Finseth Exploring centromere diversity in Mimulus using genomic approaches
Kevin Wright Genomics of copper adaptation


9:00-10:00 — Genomics talks continued

Matt Streisfeld Ecological genomics and hybridization in M. aurantiacus
Amanda Kenney Using multiplexed shotgun genotyping in studies of natural and artificial hybrids
Pat Edgar The Not So Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow (Luteus) Mimulus Genome”

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